Noah's Cave Exploration - Raufarhólshellir

Half Day: 6 Hours Tour - Sundays at 09:15

Noah's Cave / Raufarhólshellir Lava Tube Cave Exploration Tour is a Half-Day 6 hours+ of exploration inside the 1.3 km. long and famous Raufarhólshellir cave, best known as the home of Noah's grandfather Methuselah in the Hollywood movie Noah:

  • Sights: Þrengslið valley, Raufarhólshellir Volcanic Lava Tube cave, Hardened Lava Falls.
  • Places: Þrengslið valley and Raufarhólshellir.
  • Difficulty: Raufarhólshellir is a 4 hours hike underground on uneven ground with large boulders and is classified as category 3.

Attention: Icelandic weather can change at a moments notice :-) so please always bring warm and waterproof clothing and quality hiking boots/shoes!



This tour is operated in a minibus, with maximum 6-7 people for a more personal experience. 

Available all Sundays during summer, dependent on weather during winter.

  • Included: Transport, Hotel pick up & drop off in the larger Reykjavik area and Driver/Guided tour.
  • Extras: Free WIFI in the minibus, warm parkas, gloves, knit-caps, helmets and head-lights.
  • Departure: From Reykjavik at 09:15. Pick-up at Hotels from 08:30 to 09:15.

Top Value Tour Fee

Price: Only 14,970 ISK per person. Children 8-15 years, 30% discount    

Private Tour: 49,970 ISK for up to 6 persons.

  • Private Tours means that you get the Driver/Guide and minibus for your self for the duration of the tour. For small groups of up to 6 adults or 7 if children are included. Small groups save money and get more flexibility and comfort with a private tour.

 Raufarhólshellir / Noah's Cave

Ice formations / winter and spring

Lava Tube 

Cave Exploration